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I was making changes to the script up until the very last minute.  It’s amazing how lines become so perfect…or suddenly unnecessary once an actor is in character, in the moment, speaking them live before your eyes. 

My goal was to make a film that used words wisely, and only when needed. So much story can be told without ever needing to be spoken. 

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So, I was in my classes at USC over the summer, and I realized that there might not be time for me to get my own short done, unless I did it kamikaze style.  I had exactly 13 days to write it, cast it, crew up, find locations, and get equipment. Luckily, I found really smart and talented people who got excited about the project right away. Once a producer, cinematographer, casting director, and production designer were on board, we were off to the races.

I even did my own storyboards.  Drawing is clearly not my strength…but they got the job done.

Storyboard and Shot List



No movie set is complete without Murphy’s Law in full effect.  True to form, on the last day of shooting, we were down to our final minutes on our first location before a major company move…and the electricity went out for an entire six block radius. Luckily, one of our executive producers hunted down a generator, and about an hour later we were back on track.

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“WOW - I just watched Charise's movie. I'm so blown away. Charise—what you managed to do in 10 minutes is nothing short of totally artful. I now understand why you are about to ‘blow up’.”

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